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Hernon, David(Pee Wee) ('89) 0510858
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- (Rozic), Veronica ('07) 0510780
Falls, James(Jim) ('77) 0510743
Stewart, Dean ('93) 0510725
Pietrandrea, Brian ('97) 0510719


Here, FYI, is a copy of the minutes of this year’s meeting of the Nu Pentaton Alumni Association.  As you can see, we had a grand total of six people at the meeting.  We ended up with about a dozen total at the picnic and, candidly, will have to give some thought as to whether we should be continuing this event or switching to something else—possibly a family-friendly picnic in the Pittsburgh area over the summer.  We’ll be writing up and sending a letter to all members for whom we have good addresses sometime in the next month or so.  Included in that will be a link to an online survey that we will write asking you to opine on what sort of events and activities we should have going forward.  

David A. Schell

Meeting of the

Nu Pentaton Alumni Association

October 1, 2016


President Peter Korones called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. at the Clarion Eagles Aerie picnic grove.


Present:  President Peter Korones, Secretary David A. Schell, Treasurer Sue Semple, Brothers Wes Semple, Bob Hudak, and guest Lois Hudak. .


Secretary Schell read the minutes of the meeting of October 3, 2015.  There were no additions or corrections.  Bob Hudak moved to approve the minutes as read (seconded by Sue Semple) and the motion carried.  


Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Sue Semple reported as follows:

  • Checking account balance (October 1, 2015): $6,349.96

  • Income:

    • Dues: $1,650.00

    • Donation: $20.00

    • Sustaining membership dues (passed through to national organization): $185.00

  • Expenditures: $1,360.00 (including sustaining membership)

  • Checking account balance (October 1, 2016): $6,844.96

  • CD balance (Scholarship fund): $7,232.23.


Wes Semple moved (seconded by Bob Hudak) to approve the report as read, and the motion carried. 


Unfinished business




New Business:


50th Anniversary event:  We will design and write a survey to send to the membership asking for their views on what type of event we should have and when and where it should take place Secretary Schell will send a mailing by postal mail before Thanksgiving.  This will include a list of brothers and little sisters we have lost contact with, asking those who get it to help us find the missing members.  The letter will also give the URL of the membership survey, asking members to let us know their views on the 50th Anniversary event.  It was noted that we also will try to get additional people to log onto our alumni website and add their contact information.  We will also make inquiries via social media and our email list. 


Election of officers:


President Korones asked if there were any nominations for officers of the association and the housing corporation other than the current incumbents.  There were none.  Bob Hudak moved (seconded by Sue Semple) that the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for the reelection of the current officers of the association and Nu Pi, Inc., and the motion carried. The officers for 2016-2017 are President Peter Korones, Vice President Bill Cotter, Secretary David A. Schell, and Treasurer Sue Semple.  The Directors of Nu Pi, Inc. will be Bob Hudak, Wes Semple, and Mike Bradshaw. 


There being no further business, Wes Semple moved (seconded by Sue Semple) to adjourn.  The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 3:44 p.m.




                                                            David A. Schell, Secretary

Old News

Golf Outing

The annual Nu Pentaton Golf Outing is four weeks away (July 9th) and for the information of those who are not on Facebook (or who don’t see Adam Stevens’ postings about it on Facebook), here is the info. 


First, you don’t have to golf to show up.  Indeed, I’m showing up this year, and the only golf club I’ve ever held in my life is for mini-golf (and I wasn’t particularly good at that!).  If you DO want to golf, the format is four-man scramble, shot gun start, starting at 9 a.m. at the Clarion Oaks Golf Club, 694 Mayfield Road, Clarion (on Route 68, more-or-less across from the Walmart).  Golfers are asked to show up by 8:30 a.m.  Non-Phi Sig brothers may play, but each four-man team must have at least two brothers on it. 


The golfing usually goes to around 2 p.m., with the meal to follow at the golf club.  The beer goes on tap when the golfing starts, but non-golfers who don’t want to get started that early should probably show up by 1 p.m. just in case the game finishes early. 


The cost is $70 for golfers or $25 for non-golfers to cover the cost of the food and beverages.  Kevin Sebunia (a non-golfer) is again head chef, with steak being the main item on the menu.  If you want to stay over, you can stay at “Camp Wally” (the Bradley hunting camp) on either Friday and/or Saturday, but please let Adam know that ASAP so they can plan that part of the event. 


At least one team is still looking for a brother to join them if you would like to join in, or additional team(s) can be added if several additional brothers want to golf and put a group together.   


Payment can be made in advance if you want, in which case you may send it to Adam Stevens, 613 Broadmore Lane, Wexford, PA15090.  Any questions can be directed to Adam at


The current teams, as well as the non-golfers expected are listed below—to tempt you to show up and see brothers you haven’t seen in years.  I’ll also attach the group picture from the Facebook page and let you guess who you can guess. 


David A. Schell



Current Teams:


1. Adam Stevens, Dave Hernon, Dennis Flaherty, Gregg Bachner

2. Jeff Wensel, Mike Bradshaw, Dave Fetzner, Mike Emerson

3. Dave Zimmer, Mike Chessario, John Schulze, Sid Snow

4. Dan Bradley, Brian Blaha, Glenn Fischer, Bill Kozakiewicz

5. Scott Delval, Mike Donahue, Jeremy Peffer, Robert Drost

6. Eric Krull, Scott Manbeck, Bryan Marlett, John Oleksak

7. Mike Bordonaro, Tony Reeves, Marty Minnocci, Smooter

8. Jason Ziemienski, Mike O'Neill, + 2

9. John Yingling, Jesse Rudolf, John Dellich, Dennis Capizzi

10. Jared Chase, Chris Fielder, Rich Cardimen, + 1


Non golfers: Don Carter, Kevin Sebunia, David A, Peter Korones, Keith Gephardt, Derek Nolan

2016 Golf Tournament

The 2016 Golf Tournament will be Saturday July 9th at Clarion Oaks golf course. The format is a 4 man scramble. Adams Stevens runs the tournament. Further details will be announced shortly and posted. For those who have not attended before, golf starts at about 10:00 followed by a food and drinks afterward in the pavillion at the golf course.  After the picnic there is a post-golf party at Dan Bradley's hunting camp nearby, many people spend the night at the camp. There is also a number of alumni that also come up Friday for a pre-tournament round followed by a stay at Dans camp. We have a number of non-golfers come up  for the picnic and party. Individuals can sign-up and Adam will get you into a group. If you have any questions them post them in the message board.


PSK Clarion Alumni Site

Thanks to everyone for joining the site. We will be adding additional content and information as we go. We wanted to implement a website that allows everyone the ability to update their email address and mailing address. David A has done a great job over the years keeping up the email and mail directories, this site will allow everyone to update their own information. We will eventually use the email blast function to replace the manual email list. We also implemented the online dues payment in the site. The discussion boards are active feel free to post any suggestions or ideas for the site or for the organization going forward.


Welcome alumni

Welcome to our new online community.  Membership is available exclusively to our alumni.

This is Phi Sigma Kappa Nu Pentaton's private, online community created exclusively for Nu Pentaton alumni.   It is a secure, password-protected environment established by Phi Sigma Kappa Nu Pentaton Alumni Association of Clarion University.

Once you register, an administrator will confirm your membership and will send you confirmation once approved.

Please be patient with the site as it's being developed and content is being added.  *Most of the information on the site is for testing and development purposes and will be replaced with better content as soon as possible.

Become a member of the Alumni Community to:

Update information in your profile
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Search for friends and make new connections with the online community!  All you need to do to take advantage of all the community has to offer is to proceed through the registration process to establish an account.

Reunions and Events

Be sure to check out the list of reunions and events posted to the left in "Upcoming Events".  If you are a planner of a future event, be sure to read "Event planning information / add an event" for tips and information to make your event a success.

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Keep your e-mail and mailing addresses current and you'll receive the details for all alumni information, activities, events, and reunions.

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Online Dues Payment for 2016-17


October 2016


Dear Brother/Little Sister,


It is time for the annual dues for fiscal year 2016-2017.   In addition to the regular dues, there is the option of the National Alumni Sustaining Program (Brothers only), which is $5.00.   Brothers who pay the $5.00 will continue to receive all published issues of the Signet.  In order to participate in this program, your $5.00 MUST be received by January 31, 2017. We greatly appreciate all members that pay their dues.


Since the re-colonization did not take place, we have suspended donations to the scholarship fund.  The entire balance in the David A. Schell Scholarship Fund is currently in a Certificate of Deposit, which can be used in the future should there be another attempt to re-colonize.


Work has begun on the 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2017 and you will be hearing more about it in the future!!


There are 2 options for dues payment:

Add the items you want to pay for in the cart below and select Check out with PayPal, you will then be given the option to pay with your PayPal account, if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with a credit or debit card.


If you want to pay by check:


The tear sheet below should be used to remit your dues with checks payable to NU PENTATON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.  The check and the tear sheet should be sent to Sue Semple.  A self-addressed envelope has been enclosed for your convenience. Any questions: or 412-367-9387.  Thank You!!!




2016-2017 DUES



NAME: ______________________________________________



ANNUAL DUES                -Brother                              ($25.00)                              _______________


                                             -Little Sister        ($25.00)                              _______________


                                             -Married Couple** ($30.00)          _______________


NATL.ALUMNI PROGRAM-SIGNET##     ($ 5.00)                _______________



TOTAL ENCLOSED                                                                                                   $_______________


 ** NOTE:            Brother married to a Little Sister

## NOTE:            Brothers only/ Due by January 31, 2017




SEND TO             Sue Semple

                              626 Tara Court

                              Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3807









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