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Westerman, John(Moon Baby) ('81) 0602464
Tomasetti, Michael (Muff) ('93) 0602339
Shevchik, Rich ('67) 0601624
Scappe, David ('95) 0601396
O'Sullivan, Philip (Phil) ('11) 0570691
Delval, Scott ('97) 0570152
Kleber (Gasperetti), Connie ('86) 0569195
Austriaco, Neil ('91) 0569085
Young, Joel ('94) 0569040
Nelson, Geoffrey (Ice) ('90) 0527869
Majewski, John ('97) 0526701
Mahoney, Andy ('85) 0513729
Kotun, Dave ('73) 0512123
Gresalfi, Michael ('79) 0512099
Czlonka, Michael ('70) 0511999
Peffer, Jeremy ('98) 0511462
Hubert, James ('70) 0511423
Malits, Craig ('92) 0511218
Kudes, Tom ('68) 0511195
Herrold, Craig (Ox) ('86) 0511121
Ross, Theophil (then Phil now Theo) ('70) 0511065
Dahlmann, Mark ('76) 0511018
Cherie Rebich (Mulford), Cherie ('86) 0511013
Hernon, David(Pee Wee) ('89) 0510858
Zimmer, David ('84) 0510841

50th AnniversarY May 20th

As promised—here are some more details on the Nu Pentaton 50th Reunion

The evening:

            We will start the evening with hors d’oeuvres at 6:00 p.m., with a buffet dinner starting at 7:00 on Saturday May 20th..  The cost of the evening will be $25 per person.  There will be a cash bar.  (Sorry, but we know what we’re all like—so no open bar.)  This cost, incidentally, is substantially discounted as we will subsidize it with alumni funds. 

            No music—we’ll probably want to reminisce and catch up on things.  Speechifying will be held to a minimum.  Brother Van Johnson has been making up a video show from old pictures, so be prepared to see yourself in some compromising views.  We will also have some assorted memorabilia, but feel free to bring other mementoes from “those days” if you wish. 


            You may mail a check for the cost to Sue Semple, 626 Tara Court, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.  Make checks payable to “Nu Pentaton Alumni.”  Please indicate how you would like your nametag and that of your guest/wife/significant other to read.  This is not to suggest that we won’t recognize you since we’re sure nobody has aged in the past few decades. 

           The paypal button is below

            The banquet room can accommodate 125 people, so don’t hold off reserving your spot too long.  We will need a count by May 10th.


            We have a block of rooms at the hotel—the Comfort Inn Conference Center (Penn Hills), 699 Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235.  The special room rate is $84.99 plus tax per night and the block is good for Friday and/or Saturday, May 19th and 20th.  The blocked rooms are all non-smoking with king beds.  The deadline for reservations is May 1st.  You need to call 412-244-1600 to make your reservation.  Ask for the “Phi Sigma Kappa Reunion” rate.  (As of right now, the Comfort Inn national reservations page is showing a rack rate of $107 for this hotel.)

Name(s) to appear on name tag

2017 Golf Outing

The 2017 Golf Outing is scheduled for July 8th at 9:00 AM

 Any questions can be directed to Adam at


Nu Pent will be 50

February 11th, 2017—will mark the 50th Anniversary of the chartering of Nu Pentaton Chapter and plans are underway for a celebration a few months later, after the winter weather improves.  The alumni officers would like your help, in three relatively non-strenuous ways.  There is a letter attached to this email with details, but briefly:

  •       Please take the time to go to and complete a nine-question survey about both the celebration and plans for other activities
  •       If you have any pictures that you would like included (keep them clean!) in a video presentation being developed by brother Van Johnson for the festivities, please send them to him—his email address (and the deadline) is in the letter
  •       If you have the street address of any of our “missing” brothers and little sisters on the sheet that is also attached, please email that to David A., whose email is also in the letter


We are also mailing this letter via postal mail to such addresses as we have, so you may get a copy that way as well.  This is our attempt to clean up our VERY outdated mailing list. 




665 N. Irving Street
Allentown, PA 18109
January 11, 2017
Dear Brothers and Little Sisters of Nu Pentaton:
One month from today, on February 11th, it will be the 50th Anniversary of the chartering of Nu
Pentaton Chapter. Given that we’ve been around for half a century we thought a celebration would
be in order. Given that we have fifty-years’ experience of western Pennsylvania weather, however,
we thought it best to hold off the celebration until the snow melts—like in late spring.
For the first time in at least a decade (maybe two) we are mailing this to all members from whom we
have postal addresses. Of the 600 or so living alumni we are missing eighty-some addresses, and
most likely some of those we think we have are incorrect so that list will probably swell. We would
like everybody to hear about the festivities, however, so you will find on the reverse a list of those that
we currently need addresses for. If you know any of them we’d appreciate you either passing this
note along, or letting us know their new addresses either at my address above or by emailing (don’t forget the 1 after the name!).
Additionally, we have made up a nine-question survey which you can access on Survey Monkey at Several of the questions deal with the upcoming
celebration and the others are asking for guidance on what we should do to keep our association
strong in the absence of a collegiate chapter, including some thoughts on other group activities.
There is one other way you can also help. Brother Van Johnson has been collecting pictures from
our fifty years to make up a video history of our group, which will be unveiled at the 50th celebration.
If you have any “appropriate” pictures that you would like to include, you can send them to him at He would appreciate getting them by the end of January if possible, or by
February 12th at the latest.
For the (brief) edification of those of you who have not been following things in Clarion, here are a few
news items, both Greek and non-Greek:
• We made an unsuccessful attempt to restart a chapter over the past few years. The reasons
for the lack of success are myriad and too complex to be brief, as I have promised, but let it be
said that the fraternity system at Clarion is not nearly as healthy as it was when you were in
Clarion—whenever that was.
• The university’s enrollment is down, as it is at the other state universities. Clarion, indeed, is
now the fourth-smallest of the 14 state owned universities—with only Lock Haven, Mansfield,
and Cheyney having lower enrollments. In addition, the current gender ratio at Clarion is 65:35
female/male, which also impacts fraternity membership.
• This is not to suggest that Clarion has nothing going for it. Here is a recent 2016 in Review
video from the university which you may not have seen if you are not on their mailing list.
In sum, it looks like we won’t have an active group at Clarion for the foreseeable future, but would like
to do what we can to keep our life-long bond vibrant. We hope to hear from you with our survey and
would like to see you this spring at our celebration.
Fraternally, David A. Schell

Old News

PSK Clarion Alumni Site

Thanks to everyone for joining the site. We will be adding additional content and information as we go. We wanted to implement a website that allows everyone the ability to update their email address and mailing address. David A has done a great job over the years keeping up the email and mail directories, this site will allow everyone to update their own information. We will eventually use the email blast function to replace the manual email list. We also implemented the online dues payment in the site. The discussion boards are active feel free to post any suggestions or ideas for the site or for the organization going forward.


Welcome alumni

Welcome to our new online community.  Membership is available exclusively to our alumni.

This is Phi Sigma Kappa Nu Pentaton's private, online community created exclusively for Nu Pentaton alumni.   It is a secure, password-protected environment established by Phi Sigma Kappa Nu Pentaton Alumni Association of Clarion University.

Once you register, an administrator will confirm your membership and will send you confirmation once approved.

Please be patient with the site as it's being developed and content is being added.  *Most of the information on the site is for testing and development purposes and will be replaced with better content as soon as possible.

Become a member of the Alumni Community to:

Update information in your profile
Subscribe to and read Alumni eNews
Submit a class note
Find classmates through the Alumni Directory
Register for events and reunions
Discover ways to support your school
Reconnect with faculty and former classmates

Search for friends and make new connections with the online community!  All you need to do to take advantage of all the community has to offer is to proceed through the registration process to establish an account.

Reunions and Events

Be sure to check out the list of reunions and events posted to the left in "Upcoming Events".  If you are a planner of a future event, be sure to read "Event planning information / add an event" for tips and information to make your event a success.

Site Administrator / Community Manager

Site AdminYour Admin's Name, Director of Development

Information Update

Keep your e-mail and mailing addresses current and you'll receive the details for all alumni information, activities, events, and reunions.

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Online Dues Payment for 2016-17


October 2016


Dear Brother/Little Sister,


It is time for the annual dues for fiscal year 2016-2017.   In addition to the regular dues, there is the option of the National Alumni Sustaining Program (Brothers only), which is $5.00.   Brothers who pay the $5.00 will continue to receive all published issues of the Signet.  In order to participate in this program, your $5.00 MUST be received by January 31, 2017. We greatly appreciate all members that pay their dues.


Since the re-colonization did not take place, we have suspended donations to the scholarship fund.  The entire balance in the David A. Schell Scholarship Fund is currently in a Certificate of Deposit, which can be used in the future should there be another attempt to re-colonize.


Work has begun on the 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2017 and you will be hearing more about it in the future!!


There are 2 options for dues payment:

Add the items you want to pay for in the cart below and select Check out with PayPal, you will then be given the option to pay with your PayPal account, if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with a credit or debit card.


If you want to pay by check:


The tear sheet below should be used to remit your dues with checks payable to NU PENTATON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.  The check and the tear sheet should be sent to Sue Semple.  A self-addressed envelope has been enclosed for your convenience. Any questions: or 412-367-9387.  Thank You!!!




2016-2017 DUES



NAME: ______________________________________________



ANNUAL DUES                -Brother                              ($25.00)                              _______________


                                             -Little Sister        ($25.00)                              _______________


                                             -Married Couple** ($30.00)          _______________


NATL.ALUMNI PROGRAM-SIGNET##     ($ 5.00)                _______________



TOTAL ENCLOSED                                                                                                   $_______________


 ** NOTE:            Brother married to a Little Sister

## NOTE:            Brothers only/ Due by January 31, 2017




SEND TO             Sue Semple

                              626 Tara Court

                              Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3807









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